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Jonathan Michaels has litigated some of the most important cases in the automotive industry. He is responsible for filing Ponce v. General Motors – a national class action case against GM for the concealment of a deadly defect in its vehicles for 13 years; and Spitzer Motor City v. U.S. – where he represents terminated Chrysler dealers against the U.S. for the “taking” of their franchises in 2009, a violation of the 5th Amendment. He has also litigated cases against nearly every major auto manufacturer, including GM, Audi, Maserati, Mitsubishi, Kia, Nissan, Honda, AM General, Isuzu, Toyota, Hyundai, Harley-Davidson, Mercedes, Chrysler, Volkswagen, Aston Martin, Porsche, Land Rover and Ford.

Oh, Snap!

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Snapchat, America’s latest internet darling, recently raised $3.4 billion in its public offering, catapulting the company past the high-watermarks previously set by tech giants Google ($1.6 billion) and Twitter ($1.8 billion). The March IPO, with its opening share price of $17, is just the latest billion-dollar stock spin-up of a young company that has yet to [...]


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Newport Beach, California (May 17, 2017) – MLG Automotive Law has launched an intense investigation into a rash of BMW fires that is sweeping the nation. On March 6, 2017, the boutique automotive law firm filed a civil lawsuit on behalf of 36-year-old Southern California resident Mona Shaikh, (Mona Shaikh v. North America, LLC; Case No. [...]


MLG Files Historic “Takings” Case Against the U.S.

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September 2008 marked a chilling moment in our nation’s history. That month Wall Street goliath Lehman Brothers filed bankruptcy, ending its 158-year history in the financial industry. That same month Merrill Lynch was sold over a weekend, sending shockwaves throughout the nation that our financial market was collapsing around us. As the Great Recession began to [...]

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The California New Motor Vehicle Board At a Glance

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The California New Motor Vehicle Board was created in 1967 to help resolve disputes between franchised dealers and manufacturers of new motor vehicles. The primary purpose of the Board is to offer California new car dealers a fair, fast and efficient means of resolving disputes with their respective manufacturers. The disputes usually center on franchise terminations, [...]

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Phantom Stock

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Tesla, Inc. — the famed electric car company named after Serbian physicist Nikola Tesla — has done what many considered to be the impossible: It has become the most valuable car company in the nation. Last month laid witness to Tesla’s stock surge to $314 per share, resulting in a market capitalization of $51.3 billion, and [...]

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Generation Next

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There once existed a time when our teenage youth dreamt wildly of the car they someday hoped to own, adorning their bedroom walls with posters of European exotics and American muscle. Getting your driver’s license was as much of a rite of passage as any, exposing our budding generation to a cornucopia of opportunities, freedom and [...]

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Drive It Like You Stole It

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For some, ownership of a rare automobile is as enjoyable and relevant as possession of historically significant fine art. Though automobiles were conceived as a means of convenient transportation, the last century has laid witness to their migration into vessels of luxury, sport and collection. Markets have responded accordingly. The most expensive Rembrandt ever sold at [...]

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Protecting Dealerships from Export Penalties

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Over the last several years, automobile manufacturers have gone to great lengths to curb consumer exports of their vehicles to foreign countries. Manufacturers face millions of dollars in losses annually on the sale of high-end luxury vehicles to places like China and the Middle East, where the sales of luxury vehicles can fetch two to three [...]

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Service Advisors in California Not Exempt from Overtime Laws

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The Fair Labor Standards Act is a federal law that requires U.S. employers to pay overtime to employees who work more than 40 hours a week, unless that employee qualifies for an exemption. Employees who are exempt include “any salesman, partsman or mechanic primarily engaged in selling or servicing automobiles.” The FLSA is silent as to [...]

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The ADA and Consumer Test Drives

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Claims asserted under the Americans with Disabilities Act on behalf of disabled individuals visiting dealerships or public places are not new. Recently, however, dealerships have been faced with a new access claim and potential lawsuit: dealerships do not have vehicles equipped specialized “hand controls” to allow disabled persons to test drive the vehicles.   Over the [...]

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