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Collector Car Industry

As experienced collector car industry lawyers with an unparalleled knowledge of state and federal motor vehicle laws, MLG Automotive Law has a unique connection to the collector car industry.

Make no mistake, the collector car industry is big business, where the value of an important collector car can exceed $50 million. The commerce surrounding these assets is tremendous, ranging from auction houses that sell the cars, to multi-million dollar restorations that painstakingly piece together every detail of a car’s important history.

MLG Automotive Law’s collector car industry lawyers have extensive experience dealing with issues that are unique to this niche industry, whether it is documenting the private purchase of a collector car, litigating a restoration that has gone array, or reclaiming ownership of a valuable collector car that was stolen decades ago and is now being sold for millions of dollars.

Whatever your need, MLG Automotive Law is uniquely positioned to assist you with your collector car issue.

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